NFL Fans Try Convincing Themselves Colt McCoy Is Better Option for Cardinals Than Kyle Murray

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Another week and Colt McCoy is set to start in place of the injured Kyler Murray. NFL fans have convinced themselves the Cardinals are better off. That’s right. There are some folks out there saying the 36-year-old McCoy is a better fit at QB for this Arizona team than the top overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Despite the fact that Kyler Murray has better career averages in virtually every statistical quarterback category of note, there are Colt McCoy believers out there. Perhaps it is just a group of folks that are justifying that $20 they put down on the points spread. Or, desperate Cardinals fans that want to see another win.

To his credit, McCoy was able to help lead his team to a win last week. Defeating the Rams, Arizona sent the defending Super Bowl champs to the bottom of the division. But this is… something else:

Fans Are Going All In On Colt McCoy

I really couldn’t believe it when I saw one tweet making the claim, but then I saw that there were many accounts popping off with “the Cardinals are better with Colt than Kyler” takes. One of those moments where you are convinced that you have stepped into an alternate reality.

Let’s just say it, Elon Musk should ban these people from Twitter and only these people.

“I actually think the Cardinals are better with Colt McCoy than Kyler. F**k the Niners. Go Cards!” one excited fan tweeted.

Really, there are so many fans out there that are thinking the less skilled, less talented, older quarterback is going to be better for the team. Some people will always see some players how they saw them when they were in college or at the height of their careers – nothing lasts forever though.

“Y’all don’t sleep on Colt McCoy nah,” someone else tweeted.

Who knows, McCoy might find the magic for a short run and help lead the Cardinals to a couple of wins. After all, Cooper Rush held down the Cowboys for multiple weeks this season. This will show how good the rest of the team, including the coaching staff, are.

If you can win with Colt McCoy, surely you can win with Kyler Murray. Monday Night Football will show us as the Cardinals take on the San Francisco 49ers.