NFL Fans Sound Off After Super Bowl 57 Matchup Predictions Are Released

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

Nowadays, there are numbers and stats for just about everything. Even the most likely NFL teams to face each other in Super Bowl 57. Fans love predictions. With the proliferation of sports betting, just about every fan knows the lines, the futures, and more.

There are six teams that are included on the list of the four most likely matchups. A little mix and match of some of the best teams in the league. However, just like any other stat or sports topic, fans are debating. No one can just let things be.

Here’s what Pro Football Focus had in their numbers.

There are a lot of fans that would be very happy with some of these games. When you can get a Super Bowl with the kind of quarterback talent that is on this list, you love to see it. Kirk Cousins might be the odd man out, but his amazing receivers more than makeup for it. Justin Jefferson would be electric in Super Bowl 57.

Fans Split On Super Bowl 57 Matchups

Really, the NFL fans couldn’t decide which game they would like to see more. I’m not going to lie, the Patrick Mahomes-Jalen Hurts battle would be one to see. However, there are a number of combinations that would likely lead to a blockbuster Super Bowl 57.

“Vikings Bills SB would be a movie,” one fan said. They had a lot of support from their fellow fans.

There is one combo that would make the Super Bowl into a national security risk. That’s right – Philly and Buffalo.

“Bills n Philly would need extra police in the stands and parking lots,” someone joked.

There are others that just can’t see some of these teams making Super Bowl 57, let alone winning it. Are two of these teams just destined to lose on the big stage?

“Vikings won’t win on big stage, Eagles too young won’t win big stage,” a naysayer had to say.

I think that we will see at least one of these teams in the final game. However, no one should be shocked if we see one of these theoretical games come in February. Who is your money on at this point in the season, Outsiders?