NFL Fans Sound Off on Al Michaels Over Deshaun Watson Comments on TNF

by Dustin Schutte

NFL fans who tuned into Thursday Night Football‘s broadcast this week aren’t too pleased with play-by-play guy Al Michaels. Many labeled his comments regarding Deshaun Watson’s suspension as “disgusting,” “unprofessional” and “unsympathetic.”

Those words are just a few that were used during Thursday’s coverage of the Pittsburgh SteelersCleveland Browns game. Twitter had plenty more to say after Michaels seemingly brushed off the reason behind Watson’s 11-game suspension.

The NFL suspended Watson 11 games and fined the quarterback $5 million after being accused of sexual misconduct by two dozen women during massage sessions. Michaels glossed over the details when discussing the situation during Thursday Night Football.

“If $230 million dollars isn’t enough for him to do what he needs to do then I don’t know what is,” Michaels said during the broadcast. That comment sparked a lot of social media reaction.

Michaels then ran down a list of Browns quarterbacks that “didn’t work out,” and was curious to know where the organization would go if Watson “isn’t the answer.” That ignited even more outrage.

To say Thursday night wasn’t Michaels’ finest moment would be an understatement.

Al Michaels Wasn’t Only Complaint NFL Fans Had Thursday Night

The comments made by Al Michaels sparked plenty of outrage during Thursday Night Football. Amazon Prime Video’s coverage of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns didn’t exactly receive rave reviews, either.

Fans fumed over constant buffering, poor quality and more during the broadcast. It marks the second-straight week folks trying to watch an NFL game have commented on the dismal coverage from the streaming service.


Streaming has been a problem for the NFL’s network partners early in the 2022 season. In Week 2, DirecTV faced a ton of backlash after NFL Sunday Ticket went down for Sunday’s early afternoon games.

Because of the technical issues, the network issued an apology and plans to reimburse subscribers for the inconvenience.

The NFL might want to get these technical issues with streaming partners figured out, and quickly. It’s been a major problem through the first two weeks and fans have already grown tired of it.