NFL Fans Sound Off on CBS’ Major Audio Issues During Chiefs-Bengals AFC Championship Game

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

During today’s AFC Championship game, NFL fans took to social media in droves to complain about CBS’ technical audio issues in the middle of both the national anthem and the halftime show.

The highly-anticipated matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs didn’t exactly get off to a great start. Viewers at home and fans attending the game were amped up for kickoff and you could feel the energy in the air. However, NFL fans were met with silence over the loud speakers in Arrowhead Stadium during pre-game ceremonies.

Grammy Award-winning singer Ashanti performed the “The Star-Spangled Banner” in Kansas City on Sunday afternoon. Yet technical issues with the audio system impacted her performance from the start. During the opening lines “O say, can you see,” Ashanti’s microphone was muted and continued to have problems. Footage from the AFC Championship broadcast shows the singer press on as the mic cuts in and out throughout the anthem.

To the crowd’s credit, many chimed in and sang in place of Ashanti. What could’ve been a complete disaster turned into an unexpectedly touching moment in Arrowhead Stadium. NFL fans took over for the singer and belted out the national anthem themselves. While the audio issues surely disappointed Ashanti, it made for a special moment before the AFC Championship.

In addition to the anthem issues, there were more technical problems to follow. At halftime, country musician Walker Hayes performed live for the Kansas City crowd. Once again, things didn’t go to plan. Hayes could be heard loud and clear. But fans watching at home couldn’t hear the CBS halftime panel’s commentary. Hayes’ music blared throughout the stadium, which drowned out the five analysts. After that many mistakes today, someone might lose their job come tomorrow.

NFL Fans Blast CBS On Social Media For AFC Championship Audio Issues

The audio issues marred the festivities surrounding the Chiefs-Bengals game today. Thankfully, fans came to the rescue and salvaged the anthem with their sing-along. However, fans at home made sure to let CBS know that the network dropped the ball today.

“You had one job CBS…,” a fan tweeted about the AFC Championship broadcast.

“This CBS Halftime show is an audio disaster. #CINvsKC,” another added.

“LOL at the audio catastrophe on the CBS halftime show,” someone wrote on Twitter.

“Some fantastic audio work for halftime by the CBS crew. Can they all be fired immediately and replaced with a half dozen high school kids??” another fan tweeted.

The poor audio quality had many NFL fans making jokes on Twitter as well. In fact, one fan hilariously thought he was hallucinating as he watched.

“I’m extremely drunk and thought the CBS halftime audio issues were some sort of auditory hallucination,” the fan tweeted.

Others used classic memes and GIFs to get their point across.

The technical issues may have plagued the AFC Championship, but the game itself delivered. The Bengals pulled off a thrilling overtime victory against the favored Chiefs 27-24. At least the game itself didn’t disappoint.