NFL Fans Sound Off on Josh McDaniels Supporting Davante Adams Following Postgame Shove of Photographer

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Las Vegas Raiders (1-4) head coach Josh McDaniels was supportive of his star receiver Davante Adams on Tuesday, following the incident that took place after the team’s 30-29 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs (4-1) on Monday night.

Adams shoved a cameraman to the ground while walking to the locker room. The cameraman filed a report Tuesday after he went to the hospital to be treated for “non life-threatening injuries.” Adams is facing a possible fine and/or suspension from the NFL. McDaniels said he did not know what would come from the league, but the Raiders are ready to cooperate.

“I support Davante wholeheartedly as a human being,” McDaniels said. “As a person, he’s a great guy. I know that was an unfortunate situation. We obviously don’t want any of our guys to be doing anything like that. He knows that. He’s very well aware of that. I know the person; I don’t think there was any intent behind it, on his part.

“But whatever [the NFL] asks of us, whatever they need from us, obviously we’ll comply. But we’re kind of in a wait-and-see [situation] at this point.”

Some Raiders fans appeared to be left puzzled by McDaniels comments, many feeling that the first-year head coach downplayed the incident.

Others had no problem with what McDaniels. Those in agreeance with McDaniels feel that the cameraman has over dramatized what took place.

Police Comment on Incident

The Kansas City, Missouri Police Department issued the following statement on the incident.

“The victim is a photographer at the Chiefs/Raiders game. At the end of the game, he was pushed to the ground causing injury,” the statement reads. “He made arrangements for private transport to the hospital for treatment at which time he called police. The injuries are preliminarily thought to be non-life threatening. The incident will be investigated by our Assault Unit detectives, upon completion they will coordinate with the applicable city or state prosecutor to determine any applicable charges.”

The shove came moments after the Raiders faced a fourth-and-1 from their own 46 with 46 ticks remaining in the game. Needing to move the chains to stay alive, quarterback Derek Carr had one thing on his mind: get the ball to Adams. Carr tried, launching one downfield in Adams’ vicinity. Adams, however, collided with fellow receiver Hunter Renfrow and the ball fell incomplete to seal the Chiefs‘ victory.

Raiders’ Davante Adams Apologizes for Shoving Camerman

Adams, 29, issued an apology after the game at his locker.

“I want to apologize to the guy, there was some guy running off the field, and he ran, like jumped in front of me coming off the field and I bumped into him, kind of pushed him, and he ended up on the ground,” Adams said, via ESPN. “So I wanted to say sorry to him for that because that was just frustration mixed with him literally just running in from of me. I shouldn’t have responded that way, but that’s how I initially responded. So, I want to apologize to him for that.”

He later apologized for a second time — this time on Twitter.

“Sorry to the guy I pushed over after the game,” Adams wrote. “Obviously very frustrated at the way the game ended and when he ran in front of me as I exited that was my reaction and I felt horrible immediately. Thats not me … MY APOLOGIES man hope you see this.”