NFL Fans Sound Off on Texans ‘Battle Red’ Helmets for Thursday Night Football

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

While the Houston Texans are the lowly team in the NFL with a 1-5-1 record, they are going to look good on Thursday Night Football. The Texans are debuting the “Battle Red” helmets tonight against the Philadelphia Eagles. Fans are always ready to talk about new uniforms and looks.

No one expects the Texans to win this game tonight but they are mostly happy to see the helmets on TNF. The Houston fans that aren’t watching the Astros in the World Series will at least have something to be proud of regardless of the result on the field.

These helmets might even be good luck, the Texans scored on the opening drive of the game, the first time they have done that all season.

Fans Like the Red Texans Helmets

If you go online there are a lot of folks talking about the shiny domes that Houston is wearing. They look good on the red jerseys and white bottoms. It is far better than some of the color rush-light uniforms we have seen at times. This season is clearly about more than wins and losses.

“These Texans helmets are fire,” one Ravens fan tweeted out. They went on to say the entire uniform is “fire.”

Fans were pretty much saying the same thing all over Twitter. Fire emojis and similar sentiments went out every which way. Especially after that touchdown on the first drive. “Omg those Texans Battle Red helmets are sexy,” one user tweeted.

“Anyone else love the Texans helmets tonight?” someone asked. There are definitely others, don’t worry SadColtsFan87. There are others.

They say when you look good, you play good. I think these Houston Texans got a good look in the mirror with their red helmets and they know exactly what’s up tonight on TNF. It’s prime time, we have seen so many of these games be clunkers. Perhaps the Texans are trying to change that.

Then again, they are up against the Philadelphia Eagles and Jalen Hurts. This is the hottest team in the league, they haven’t lost a game, and they aren’t trying to start against lowly Houston.