NFL Fans Start Petition to Remove Brett Favre From the Hall of Fame

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

With more information that comes out about the Brett Favre welfare fund scandal, NFL fans get more upset and now they have a petition. The nearly 17,000 fans that have signed it (and counting) want to see Favre taken out of the NFL Hall of Fame. That’s a serious charge and shows how disappointed many are with the QB.

The petition was started by Reginald Jackson and it doesn’t hold back.

The petition reads, “Brett Favre committed welfare fraud, defrauding the poorest state in the nation. This crime goes quietly unmentioned as the National Football League and other media outlets want to avoid covering one of their own.”

The petition then goes on to mention past instances of player misconduct that were, in the opinion of the petitioners, overblown in comparison to this situation. Many fans wanted to see Favre taken off of SiriusXM where he has a radio show. That has since been taken off of SiriusXM temporarily.

This petition says, “SiriusXM just halting Brett Favre’s radio show is not enough, it needs to be pulled from the airways permanently.”

This issue has caused a lot of fans of the NFL and Favre to reevaluate their stance. These folks want him out of the Hall of Fame completely. After the news spread, it was clear that it wasn’t a little mistake. While the welfare fraud was a major issue, there has been more revealed.

Brett Favre Gave Cancer Patient Funds to USM Athletics

Apparently, Brett Favre is a proud Southern Mississippi alumni. He will do anything for his school. When the welfare news came out it was bad enough. But now we have allegations that between 2018 and 2020 Favre moved money from his foundation. Favre 4 Hope was supposed to give money to cancer patients. Even children battling disabling ailments.

However, $130,000 went to the USM Athletic Foundation. So, what is going on here? These revelations have cut the trust and good image that Favre built up all those years. When his career is reevaluated it will be hard to ignore this blemish.