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NFL Fans Struggling With No ‘ManningCast’ for Colts-Steelers on MNF

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald)

NFL fans are losing it with another week of no “ManningCast” for ESPN‘s “Monday Night Football.”

The popular alternate broadcast hosted by brothers Peyton and Eli Manning has been on a hiatus since early November. Fans were anticipating its return this Monday, especially with Peyton’s former team, the Indianapolis Colts (4-6-1), playing host to the Pittsburgh Steelers (3-7).

Alas, no “ManningCast.” No guests, no laughs and no fun. Just Joe Buck and Troy Aikman doing commentary for a Matt Ryan-Kenny Pickett quarterback duel.

#MNF without the ManningCast is like hummus without olive oil,” one Twitter user wrote. “Dry, crusty, and clearly someone has made a grave mistake.”

Monday’s tilt is the first primetime game featuring interim head coach Jeff Saturday, who was a teammate of Peyton’s in Indianapolis for 13 seasons. Some viewers feel ESPN missed an opportunity to have the former quarterback breaking down Saturday’s third game at the helm.

“How is there no #ManningCast when the @Colts is on #MNF with Saturday coaching,” a fan wrote on Twitter. “Who ever makes decisions at ESPN is horrendous at making decisions @OmahaProd.”

On top of everything, the matchup is one that pits two of the statistically worst scoring offenses in the league against each other. Perhaps for a bit more entertainment other than field goals and punts, a “ManningCast” would have been useful.

“This game desperately needs a ManningCast,” another fan tweeted.

‘ManningCast’ On a Limited Schedule

The “ManningCast,” though a fan favorite, broadcasts for nine regular season games and one Wild Card game. Demand for a full season is there, however, Peyton doesn’t envision it ever coming to fruition.

In a recent interview with USA Today, Peyton revealed why a full-time “ManningCast” is not in the cards.

“We thought 10 was a good number. We kind of run out of things to talk about after 10,” Peyton said, via Awful Announcing. “Plus, I think it keeps our guests kind of fresh. Thirty guests that really love football, come from different professions and different backgrounds just kind of makes it more fresh.

“But ESPN, certainly, says there are certain games that are important to them, but then Eli and I had the ability where, if a date didn’t work because of a family commitment or whatnot, maybe we go to the next week.”