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NFL Fans Stunned After Baker Mayfield Leads 98-Yard Game Winning Drive Against Raiders

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

Who saw this coming? Baker Mayfield led the LA Rams to a 98-yard, game-winning touchdown drive that put his new team over the Raiders. You couldn’t write this NFL story better. It would be too cliche and cheesy. After the year that Mayfield has had, this game-winning drive must have been such a great feeling.

Baker Mayfield to Van Jefferson. That play in the red zone, for the touchdown, will be remembered for a long time. Even if Baker doesn’t go on to be the Rams’ starting quarterback for very long, he will have this game. Mayfield even got to do his celebratory headbutt after.

This season may be lost, but this game made some of those hurt feelings not hurt so much for Rams fans.

Not even a full 48 hours after landing in Los Angeles, Baker Mayfield led a team full of strangers, folks he never played with before and receivers he never threw to before, and did THAT! While he didn’t get the start, Mayfield played a lot of snaps and possibly silenced a ton of haters in the process.

Fans Can’t Believe Final Drive From Baker Mayfield

The Raiders were feeling great after going up six points and pinning the Rams at the two-yard line with a punt. That’s how you close out these types of games. But the defense still has to play. The offense also has to play. Baker Mayfield turned up the heat and got his team a win.

“Happy for Baker, that was awesome to watch. The fact he went 98 yards with no timeouts under 2 minutes is crazy. They got some help from dumb penalties but still,” one fan said after the game.

While that was an amazing final drive, some fans have gotten themselves worked up over this. Could this be the rebirth of the former No. 1 overall draft pick?

“Baker Mayfield is a franchise quarterback. Stop using the terrible situation in Carolina against him. Not even Mahomes could’ve done anything with that. Shake and Bake, baby,” one overzealous fan tweeted.

This is an unprecedented performance. Even though it was against a team with a losing record, the Raiders are a playoff team. This is the NFL. That was an NFL drive. Amazing.