NFL Fans Surprised After NBC Doesn’t Air Tyler Hubbard Vikings-Patriots Halftime Show

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by Sara Kauss/FilmMagic)

There wasn’t a ton of initial excitement when the Minnesota Vikings (8-2) announced that Tyler Hubbard would perform at halftime of their Thanksgiving game against the New England Patriots (6-4).

Vikings fans immediately took to Twitter to share their thoughts, many admitting they had no idea who Hubbard was. Some even thought he was arriving to provide insurance to the Vikings’ banged up tight end room. NBC apparently heard those complaints and made the executive decision to not air even one second of Hubbard’s performance at U.S. Bank Stadium.

The network instead opted to show a video package honoring John Madden, the legendary NFL coach and broadcaster. Madden passed away last December at the age of 85.

“I don’t know what a Tyler Hubbard is, but NBC made the correct decision just to air a Madden tribute,” one Twitter user wrote.

One fan enjoyed the Madden package, but was upset not seeing Hubbard as well.

“Loved that tribute to John Madden,” the fan wrote. “Also sad we missed Tyler Hubbard.”

Some viewers did have hope they were going to see some of Hubbard’s performance after NBC came back from break with a live look-in of Hubbard on stage. Alas, we heard no music. Only a quick shot before Hubbard wrapped up his set.

“Commentary: enjoy Tyler Hubbard! Tyler Hubbard: thank you all you’ve been a great audience, have a great Thanksgiving!,” one fan chimed in.

Tyler Hubbard the Only Thanksgiving Halftime Show Not to Air

Hubbard is the only act to not get TV time this Thanksgiving. Bebe Rexha’s performance during the Detroit Lions-Buffalo Bills game was shown on CBS while those watching the Dallas CowboysNew York Giants on FOX saw every minute of the Jonas Brothers.

“Nah fam they made me sit through Bebe Rexha and The Jonas Brothers but couldn’t let me witness Tyler Hubbard lmao,” another fan tweeted. “Mid halftime shows man. Super Bowl better be valid after this outlandish thanksgiving.”