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NFL Fans Think Al Michaels Has Given Up on Thursday Night Football

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images)

It is okay. This is a safe place. Thursday Night Football has been bad, everyone knows it, especially poor Al Michaels. After a career of some of the most legendary calls in sports history, it feels like he’s been put into a nightmare. Week after week of boring NFL games.

Not only are the LA Rams playing Baker Mayfield at quarterback. Not only are Rams fans outnumbered by Raiders fans. It has just not been great football. While the game is still early, this really feels like an uneven matchup. Early on, the frustrations were getting to Al.

Not only did he call out the PA announcer at SoFi Stadium, he just had an overall demeanor that said he didn’t care. You know that guy that’s been at the office for 8 years and he comes in? Does the bare minimum, and doesn’t crack a smile the entire day? That’s Al Michaels right now.

“Al Michaels sounds so bored by his job lmao,” one fan noted.

Is this just not fun for the sports broadcaster anymore? One has to wonder if it has taken its toll on him this year more than in previous seasons.

Fans Don’t Know If Al Michaels Wants to Be Here

You know, Al Michaels might be happier doing just about anything else. This Amazon deal was probably great for his bank account, but what about his soul? It is clear that his enthusiasm is down. Fans were finding little snippets all game long showing his discontent.

“‘It’s up to one of the zebras to tell us’ All Michaels does not give a f**k on Amazon,” one fan tweeted.

Everything seems to irritate Michaels. He just can’t let things slide. The announcer at the stadium, the amount of Rams fans at the game, the play on the field – nothing was good enough. He didn’t hold back, either.

“Salty Al Michaels is my favorite Al Michaels,” another viewer said.

Okay, look. I don’t ask for much, but I’m asking for the Rams to make this an interesting game in the second half. Let’s get some turnovers, touchdowns, some good special teams play – ANYTHING. Don’t do it for me, do it for Al Michaels. He doesn’t deserve any of this.