NFL Fans Think Tom Brady Needs to Retire After ‘Humiliating’ Loss to Panthers

by Suzanne Halliburton
John Byrum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Bucs possibly hit rock bottom Sunday afternoon, losing to the hapless Carolina Panthers.

Surely, the greatest quarterback ever is questioning whether it was worth extending his career for another year if it meant outings like this one. Tom Brady and the Bucs scored all of three points on the road against a team that already had fired its head coach and traded away its best offensive player. In Tom Brady’s world, a 21-3 loss to the Panthers defined football bleakness.

And even the very great Tom Brady showed some bad body language early in the second half as he briefly looked upward, then trudged slowly back to the bench after the Bucs missed a third-and-one.

The video drew out some told-you-so types and others who think it’s best for Tom Brady to walk off into the Florida sunset.

“It’s time to hang the cleats. You had a great run,” wrote one fan. Another replied with a simpler message “Free him.” Then there were these types of comments: “Lord when will that cry baby retire.”

NFL Twitter Spared No Pity for Tom Brady

This is NFL Twitter. They come like they’re on a max blitz every play. Tom Brady is the NFL golden child everyone loves to hate. His football life is imploding in front of millions each Sunday. Against the Panthers, Tampa lost to a team with a quarterback whose last starting job was in the XFL.

NFL Twitter exists for such moments. About the only thing in Brady’s favor is the plight of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. His Packers are 3-4, too.

One New Orleans resident wrote: “I’m so glad Drew Brees knew when it was time to retire. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are embarrassing themselves.”

Then you had the references to other big-name athletes who didn’t know the appropriate time to let go. This tweet sees you, too, Washington Wizard Michael Jordan and Boston Celtic Shaquille O’Neal.

There was the meme with Tom Brady sweating out two choices — “Stay married to your rich, super model wife.” or “Lose to Mitchell Trubisky and P.J. Walker.”

Brady: ‘No One Feels Good about Where We’re At’

Reports broke over the weekend that suggested Giselle Bundchen, Brady’s wife and mother of two of his children, hired a high-profile divorce lawyer. Then there’s this Bucs mess on the field.

”No one feels good about where we’re at,” Tom Brady told reporters after the game. ”No one feels good about how we played or what we’re doing. We’re all in it together, and we have to pull ourselves out of it.”