NFL Fans Ticked About Bizarre Audio Issues in Bucs-Packers Game

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Another NFL weekend, more issues with the broadcasts. Fans have been upset about coverage through DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket in the previous two weeks, but now it’s FOX that appears to be having some issues. Problems with the audio in the PackersBuccaneers game were a major issue early in the contest.

It’s not really clear what was causing the issue, but fans had some … interesting descriptions of what happened in the opening minutes of the coverage. Some thought the broadcast might be coming from an underwater location:

Others didn’t really have an analogy or description of the problem and put it in simpler terms:

Regardless of the descriptions used, NFL fans just wanted the problem solved while they tried to watch one of the biggest games of the 2022 season:

Sunday’s game in Tampa Bay featured two of the best quarterbacks in the game — Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. It could also be a preview of an NFC playoff matchup later this season.

NFL Coverage Issues During 2022 Season Continue

Sunday’s audio issues during the Packers-Buccaneers game isn’t the first time NFL fans have complained about coverage this year. DirecTV caught plenty of heat during the first two Sundays of the season.

The biggest issue game in Week 2, when NFL Sunday Ticket experienced major streaming issues during the early afternoon games. Some fans dealt with long outages, missing a majority of those games.

Subscribers lit up social media, blasting DirecTV for its poor coverage. While the network didn’t immediately release a statement regarding the situation, it did get the issue resolved for the kickoffs later in the day.

With fans still fuming over the poor coverage, DirecTV released a statement saying it would reimburse subscribers for the difficulties during the weekend. The NFL — and fans — are hoping it’s the last time those issues arise during the season.