NFL Fans Are Ticked Broncos-Jaguars Is Airing on ESPN Plus

by Caitlin Berard
Getty Images

In 2007, the NFL launched their International Series in which select games each season would be hosted in London rather than a team’s home stadium or in-country neutral site. Since the debut game, the NFL has played at least one game in London every year, with the exception of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though it will always be known as “American Football,” well-organized federations for the sport exist in around 80 countries worldwide. So while the decision to hold NFL games in foreign countries might seem strange, it’s actually helping to further establish professional football outside of the States.

And while this is a disappointment for fans who could potentially see these games live, they’re typically available to watch on ESPN – until now. For the first time in NFL history, ESPN Plus has exclusive rights to a game.

This Sunday’s contest between the Broncos and Jaguars at London’s Wembley Stadium is available to watch only on the ESPN Plus streaming platform. From here on out, the service will receive exclusive rights to one international game per year.

Now, those in the Jacksonville and Denver markets can still watch via linear television. Everyone else, however, will have to shell out the $10 per month if they want to catch the international action. To say NFL fans are less than impressed with the change would be an understatement.

NFL Fans React to Unwelcome ESPN Plus News

For NFL fans, watching a football game at 9:30 in the morning is bad enough. Paying an additional $10 fee to do so on ESPN Plus makes the decision easy – they simply won’t watch. “Already pay for DirecTV and Sunday Ticket. No way I am adding ESPN Plus for Broncos Jags,” one fan wrote.

“The nice thing about this game being Broncos and Jags in London and being exclusively on ESPN Plus is that I don’t have to waste my Sunday morning or my money to watch,” another fumed. “Appreciate you saving me some time and money ESPN.”

Clearly, many NFL fans don’t appreciate the push to sign up for ESPN Plus. But for some, the Sunday night (or, in this case, morning) excitement can’t be denied, even if it means paying an extra ten dollars. “I bought ESPN Plus just so I could watch the sh–ty Broncos/Jaguars game at 9:30 in the morning, if that’s not an addiction idk what is,” one fan joked.

Unfortunately, countless who did pay for access to the game are having a tough morning. One quick search of ESPN Plus reveals dozens of complaints of constant crashing, freezing, and other streaming issues. “Hey ESPN, your ESPN Plus app sucks. It’s 2022, figure it out,” an annoyed fan said.