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NFL Fans Torch Jeff Saturday, Matt Ryan After Colts Blow 33-0 Lead to Vikings

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by Michael Owens via AP/Getty Images

Jeff Saturday did not live up to his last name. Matt Ryan added another humiliating loss to his resumé. After the Indianapolis Colts blew a 33-0 lead to the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday, social media torched the head coach and the quarterback.

The 33-point lead was the biggest blown lead in the history of the NFL. It was another ugly blemish for the Colts, which have been on a downward spiral since the beginning of the season.

The Vikings tied the game at 36-36 with 2:15 remaining in the fourth quarter, forcing overtime. Then, Greg Joseph drilled a 40-yard field goal attempt as time expired in the extra period to lift the Vikings to a 39-36 victory.

Fans across the NFL absolutely ripped Saturday for the team’s second-half performance.

“Jeff Saturday officially regrets taking the Colts job,” wrote Jason Whitlock. “He’s never going to live this down.”

“Jeff Saturday get ready to go back to high school football,” one NFL fan wrote. Another Twitter user added, “Lmao Jeff Saturday blew a 33-0 lead. I guess that’s why you don’t hire people straight out of ESPN with no coaching experience.”

Remember when Saturday led the Colts to a victory over the Las Vegas Raiders in his first game as head coach? Oh, how times of changed.

Fans Also Take Shots at Matt Ryan

Misery loves company. On Saturday, Jeff Saturday wasn’t the only one catching heat for the Colts disaster. Quarterback Matt Ryan, who has also struggled quite a bit this year, took quite a few hits on Twitter.

After blowing a 33-0 lead, many reflected back on Ryan’s days with the Atlanta Falcons. Remember when that squad blew a 28-3 lead to the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl? Of course you do.

“Matt Ryan has now been on the losing end of both the largest comeback in Super Bowl history and the largest comeback in NFL history,” ESPN SportsCenter put on Twitter.

“Matt Ryan and a big lead,” one fan said. “Name a worse duo.”

Another accounted tweeted out, “feel like this game is the official Matt Ryan passing of the sacred ‘Guy with great stats who will never win shit’ baton to Kirk Cousins.”

It wasn’t a fun day on the field for Jeff Saturday or Matt Ryan. The rest of the season probably won’t be much fun for either guy on social media, either.