NFL Fans Up in Arms Over New Version of Monday Night Football’s Theme Song

by Suzanne Halliburton

There were so many changes to absorb for this Monday Night Football event. First, there was a new broadcasting crew for the NFL game. And even more jarring? A new version of the theme song.

ESPN announced earlier this month that DJ extraordinaire Marshmello would be remixing the MNF theme. Basically, he gave it a quicker beat. The original was big, broad and decisive. It was a pop culture tradition. This new one had a more frantic pace to it. It felt like D.K. Metcalf running for the end zone.

Kevin Wilson, the creative music director for ESPN, said of the decision: “Our goal was to take the classic Monday Night Football music and add a contemporary vibe to it. To get there, we wanted to enlist an artist, a move we have never previously done with a ‘Heavy Action’ remix.”

And Marshmello, the 30-year-old otherwise known as Chris Comstock, called working for ESPN and being a part of the MNF collaboration a “dream come true.”

“Having the opportunity to put my own spin on an iconic song that NFL fans everywhere recognize was an amazing opportunity,” Marshmello said. And in his announcement intro, the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders ushered him onto the field. You can’t get any more Monday Night Football traditional than that.

Take a look. (Yes, this DJ always wears a giant marshmallow helmet.) Then, we’ll tell you how fans responded.

Did the Monday Football Crowd Enjoy the Remix? Not Really

Let’s do a quick survey of Twitter for an instant kind of poll. What’s the MNF viewing audience think of the Marshmello remix?

“This Lambda Lambda Lambda techno-remix of the #MNF theme song has already worn out it’s welcome, ESPN,” tweeted Michael Collins.

One Monday Night Football watcher didn’t like the remix at all. He used a word that can’t be said in polite company. “Can ESPN f-x-x-k off with the MNF theme remix.”

Then a viewer who goes by Cherubic Cherry tweeted “This marshmello MNF remix ain’t it, Monday Night Football.”

And like we said, there were other significant changes to this Monday Night Football broadcast. The major one was ESPN introducing Troy Aikman and Joe Buck to the Monday night crowd. If you’re an NFL fan, you already know the two. Aikman is the NFL Hall of Fame quarterback who played for the Dallas Cowboys. Buck is a long-time play-by-play announcer who does both football and baseball. The two have worked together for 20 years. But they called the game of the week for Fox, not ESPN. And the two usually worked Sunday afternoons, not Monday nights.

So enjoy the show. Even Monday Night Football needs to change with the times, right?