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NFL Fans Wonder If Joe Buck Was Drunk During Monday Night Football

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Every now and then Joe Buck will say something that makes you go “huh?” Tonight it was enough to make some NFL fans do a double-take. Perhaps Joe had a few drinks – that’s what some online are insinuating after hearing the announcer get a little excited on the broadcast.

If it were a game that was exciting and worth watching, no one would bat an eye. But when Joe Buck gets this animated about the Patriots and Cardinals in 2022, you have to wonder what is going on. He gave an intro to the game that would rival The Rock.

Maybe he just really loves football, even bad football.

You can go on Twitter and see a number of accounts that have tweeted “Joe Buck is drunk again.” His enthusiasm is mistaken for intoxication. The thing is, when people get bored with the game, they can come up with all kinds of ridiculous things to say. This is just one of those memes that have lived on and will likely never go away.

Drunk Joe Buck Jokes Pop Off Online

NFL fans love the Monday Night Football guys. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are a great duo in the sports announcing world. But the yelling and stretched-out words and weird inflection have fans asking questions. Mostly, it has fans laughing online.

“Joe Buck is funny as f*** bro he’s already drunk,” someone said.

Another viewer tweeted “Drunk Joe Buck is the greatest commentator ever.”

When there is a whole nickname for your over-excited mannerisms, you know that you’re famous. Drunk Joe Buck is going to be something that people bring up any time they see the broadcaster having fun. While fans are cracking jokes, Buck is delivering the excitement and at least trying to get people interested in the game.

Colt McCoy and Mac Jones battling it out in primetime isn’t what I would call fun. While it wouldn’t hurt to have a drink during this game, I doubt Joe Buck is knocking back Miller Lites in the booth. However, fans are going to do what they do. Anything to stop themselves from watching another minute of this Monday Night Football matchup.