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NFL: Fox Sports Names Kevin Burkhardt as Joe Buck’s Successor

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

It’s a dream come true for FOX Sports NFL broadcaster Kevin Burkhardt. With the departure of Joe Buck to ESPN for Monday Night Football, NFL on FOX play-by-play commentator Kevin Burkhardt is going to be the No. 1 announcer on FOX NFL broadcasts going forward. This bumps Burkhardt up from the No. 2 spot with former NFL star tight end Greg Olsen. It has not been revealed whether or not Olsen will also be elevated into that No. 1 spot with Burkhardt on those afternoon broadcasts.

Kevin Burkhardt Rises on NFL on FOX

It was a long-time coming for Burkhardt. Over twenty years ago, he was selling cars part-time in New Jersey trying to make ends meet. Now, because of the Super Bowl schedule, he will call two of the next three Super Bowls. How incredible is that? Who his partner will remain to be seen as it would be quite the rise for Olsen to get that No. 1 spot after just finishing up his rookie year in the booth. The New York Post reported that Tom Brady was an option before he returned to the NFL.

More Changes in The NFL Booths

It’s not just the NFL on FOX that is changing. The changes also involve Monday Night Football on ESPN and Sunday Night Football on NBC. The changes are happening all across the board. They all have affected each network in different ways. For instance, MNF will now once again have a completely different cast of characters headlining their broadcast.

Now, Louis Riddick, Brian Griese, and Steve Levy look to be a one-year group. Especially with Griese becoming the quarterback’s coach with the San Francisco 49ers. To replace them, the longtime No. 1 duo on FOX, Buck and Troy Aikman, is entering the fray. The Manning Cast also got extended so it is going to be a star-studded cast of characters on ESPN on Monday Night Football this fall.

With NBC and Amazon, the changes continue on. The duo of Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels is no more. Amazon has the full rights to Thursday Night Football and is going all-in on the broadcast. To kick things off, they added Michaels and college football veteran Kirk Herbstreit into the fold. On NBC, veteran broadcaster Mike Tirico will replace Michaels as the new No. 1 play-by-play NFL broadcaster on NBC.

This is a lot of movement, but it looks to wrapping up soon for the NFL. Now, it comes down to who FOX will choose to partner Burkhardt with on the No. 1 broadcast for the network. It’s an important choice with two Super Bowls coming in the next three years. Only time will tell if it is Olsen or an outside name like Sean Payton.