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NFL Games Were Shown on Nickelodeon to Attract Young Fans: Highlights of The Silly Broadcast

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

During Sunday’s playoff game between the New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears, young fans were treated to a brand new in-game experience by Nickelodeon during the game’s coverage.

In an attempt to draw in younger viewers, the NFL aired the Wild Card matchup on both CBS and Nickelodeon simultaneously. The Nickelodeon broadcast offered younger viewers a very different game experience than the normal feed on CBS.

To cater to younger viewers, the kids channel had its own announcers and silly on-screen animations. Additionally, the broadcast featured SpongeBob SquarePants characters, Sheldon Cooper of Young Sheldon explaining the rules, and the channel made sure to include their signature green slime.

Fans seemed to love Nickelodeon’s additions to the game, adults included. It was a refreshing take on an NFL game that didn’t distract from the play on the field. If anything, the screen edits made the No Fun League (NFL), well, more fun.

The broadcast edited the scoreboard ticker and branding by adding bright, colorful Nickelodeon graphics. They did the same with the game’s first-down marker, which had moving slime on it. Before the game, they added cartoon graphics to players warming up. For example, Saints quarterback Drew Brees received Sandy’s diving suit helmet from SpongeBob SquarePants.

The slime cannons during touchdowns were the highlight of the night though. As players entered the end zone and celebrated, Nickelodeon graphics made it seem as if they all got slimed. Four cannons came out of each corner of the end zone and proceeded to digitally drench everyone with slime.

Nickelodeon Broadcasts NFL Playoff Game to Great Success

Nickelodeon’s broadcast of the Saints-Bears playoff game was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews. Most fans and media outlets appreciated the fresh take on an old format. The children’s channel, known for their green slime, walked the tight rope of being goofy without dumbing down the game itself.

The game’s coverage felt vibrant and proved that technology could be used to enhance the viewer’s experience. A quick search of social media proves that kids – and adults – loved the new idea, and are hoping for more in the future. The NFL doesn’t always have to be so serious, even in the playoffs.

For fans who haven’t seen all the crazy graphics that Nickelodeon had to offer, this last clip is for you. The NFL’s official Twitter account compiled all the best animated moments from the Saints’ big win over the Bears. Can slime cannons just be an official thing in the NFL now?

“The BEST @Nickelodeon moments from #CHIvsNO!” the account tweeted.