NFL: Green Bay Packers Fans Sound Off About Special Teams During Pre-Season Game Against New York Jets

by Joe Rutland

Even though it’s just an NFL pre-season game, Green Bay Packers fans are sounding off about their squad’s special teams performance.

The Packers hosted the New York Jets at Lambeau Field on Saturday. At halftime, the Jets were up 17-14 on Green Bay.

Well, here are some thoughts from Green Bay Packers fans.

Yes, sir, these fans might be watching a pre-season game but responses on Twitter are in regular-season form.

Fragata Portuguesa wrote, “Green Bay Spécial teams getting too literal @packers”.

AYE BRO WATCH YO JET chimed in, “green bay packers special teams back at it again”.

Local Fox Sports anchor Lily Zhao shared with her Twitter followers, “#Packers special teams struggling. #Jets return it down to the Green Bay 30-yard line.”

The Packers are following the action on its team website. Check it out and see what the special teams have done or did not do to help the team’s cause.

Green Bay Packers Make Sure to Keep Aaron Rodgers On Board

Obviously, the status of longtime quarterback Aaron Rodgers with the Green Bay Packers has been a bone of contention.

Rodgers, who spent some of his off-season as a guest host on “Jeopardy!” before the team’s pre-season, will be with the Packers this season.

Now Rodgers earned the NFL’s Most Valuable Player last season. With him coming back to the team, it should help the Packers’ odds toward making a return to the Super Bowl.

According to ESPN, Rodgers sticking with Green Bay comes with a fine line of terms and conditions. Clearly, he had plenty of things that were getting under his skin revolving around the team.

One condition includes voiding his 2023 contract year. The contract would also force the Packers to review Rodgers’ “situation” at the end of this upcoming season.

Quarterback Situation With Packers Set For Now, Future Uncertain

Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers had a rather murky situation stir earlier this offseason. He even thought about asking Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst to trade him. That never happened and a trade obviously never went down.

But there would be certain mechanisms in place that would address Rodgers’ many issues with the Packers’ team and coaching staff. Rodgers will be getting the freedom to select where he would play in the 2022 season.

Rodgers will start his 17th season with the Packers, which is something no Green Bay quarterback has ever done before.

In conclusion, Rodgers is passionate about a couple of Hollywood franchises. He loves “Jeopardy!” for sure. Rodgers also obsesses over the “John Wick” movie franchise. Keanu Reeves, as Wick, is a super hitman. “John Wick 4” was supposed to be out this past May, but the pandemic pushed it back a year.