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NFL: Green Bay Packers Punter Hilariously Fails Tackle Attempt, See Funniest Reactions

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

NFL punters are people just like us, but on Sunday Green Bay Packers punter J.K. Scott reminded us they are not exactly tackling machines. On Sunday, against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Scott hit a booming punt that drove Jags return man Keelan Cole toward his own endzone. What happens next is a prime example of why punters should maybe partake in weekly tackling drills.

Cole takes the punt at the 10-yard line all the way to the house for Jaguar touchdown. Scott makes a feeble attempt at a tackle that hardly slows Cole at all before he’s in the endzone. On the tackle attempt, if that’s what you want to call it, Scott becomes a victim of his own momentum as he crosses his feet and doesn’t even really come close to stopping Cole.

Punter ‘Tackle’ Attempt Draws Social Media Reaction

Being an NFL punter is a tough life. Punters rarely ever make the highlight film unless, like Scott, it’s something they did wrong. In an NFL weekend that featured tons of big plays, Scott’s “tackle attempt” got much run in social media circles.

A number of fans posted hilarious memes and gifs in reaction to the viral clip. Check out some of the funniest reactions below:

“If you’re Scott you gotta just hone in on a leg whip,” a fan tweets.

Another social media users tweets a video of a baby giraffe attempting to walk for the first time and compares it to Scott’s folly.

Around the NFL

In other major news from Sunday NFL football, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins made arguably the catch of the season so far. In a last second Hail Mary heave from QB Kyler Murray, Hopkins managed to come down with the football in the midst of three Bills defenders. The Internet went nuts after the play drawing reactions from many in the sports world including Eli Manning and Lebron James.

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