NFL Hall of Famer Mike Ditka’s Appearance in School Board Endorsement Video Stuns Fans

by Tyler Mansfield

Mike Ditka is a legend – and everyone knows it. A former standout player and then coach in the NFL, his name is known by anyone who follows the sport. From his success on the field to his unique personality, Ditka is one of the best there is.

Sadly, Ditka has battled health issues over the years. While he suffered a stroke in 2012 and a heart attack in 2018, Ditka has been dealt with a lot – but he’s battled through it all. Now 82 years old, he still has his same sense of spirit, but it’s clear that his health has declined.

In a recent video posted to Twitter, Ditka is on camera offering an endorsement for a friend, David Spada. While Spada is running for a seat on a Chicago school board, he was able to get Ditka to speak positively on his behalf. As the point of the video was for the endorsement, everyone who viewed it was focused on one thing: Ditka’s appearance.

Although the video – which was originally posted by Spada – has since been deleted, it was tweeted out by someone else. It’s clear that Ditka doesn’t look like he used to, and that’s tough for his fans to see. However, he is still smoking his famous cigars, so he definitely is still himself.

Despite the video already being taken down, David Spada still has the footage of Ditka endorsing him. The strong words from the Hall of Famer should certainly help Spada earn a spot on the Chicago school board. Spada offered this caption with the video: “I received the most important endorsement for me for Lake County Board. Mike Ditka supports me. Check out the video. Vote David Spada For Lake County Board 2nd District.”

Ditka’s Success Speaks for Itself

Mike Ditka is one of the best to ever come through the NFL – both as a player and coach. In case you’re not aware, he is one of only two people to win NFL championships as a player, assistant coach and head coach. He’s also one of four people to win a title as the coach of a team he previously played for. That’s quite impressive.

As a tight end in the NFL, he played for the Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys. As a head coach, he led the Bears and New Orleans Saints. He played college football at Pittsburgh.