NFL ‘Hear Me Out Football in Space’ Tweet with Jeff Bezos Met with Amazon Prime Video Streaming Slams

by Jonathan Howard

During last night’s NFL Thursday Night Football game on Amazon Prime Video, Jeff Bezos made a few appearances, and fans were. . . unsure. There were a lot of weird and funny things going on. The Amazon CEO just can’t help it but be meme material.

First, it started with a look at Roger Goodell and Jeff Bezos side-by-side in the stands. There was a weird handshake – look things just weren’t going well for the billionaire space explorer. Then, he went and made a statement that just had some fans feeling a little frustrated.

While viewers dealt with audio and buffering issues during the game – the NFL just had to get in on the fun. It didn’t go over well.

This unleashed a storm and fury of replies that I’m not sure the social media manager was expecting when they hit “send” on that tweet. However, the complaints rolled out. From price complaints to issues with the quality of the broadcast. This was a bit of an L for the NFL and Jeff Bezos.

If you are going to brag about the debut of your new Thursday Night Football broadcast, then you have to have all your chickens in a row. It feels like there were just too many issues for fans to deal with here.

Overall, a lot of fans were upset that they were unable to get the game without an Amazon membership. Thursday Night Football is a tradition for a lot of families and people. Some folks don’t want to get a new thing to have to watch one game a week. But, that’s how it’s going to go.

Jeff Bezos, NFL Memes Explode on Twitter

Amazon and the NFL are a partnership that fans need to get used to. If we keep getting Jeff Bezos sightings at the games then we can count on that happening. Three is something about insanely rich people, but when they are photographed it can cause some of the most hilarious moments.

There was a good game on the field last night. It’s a shame that the broadcast and other issues overshadowed that a little bit. The internet is always reacting and letting you know how people feel. The first Thursday Night Football game on Amazon is through – let’s see if they can improve for the next time around.