NFL Investigating After Titans OC Todd Downing’s DUI Arrest

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

It looks like the NFL is getting involved with Todd Downing’s DUI situation. The Titans’ offensive coordinator was arrested on Friday morning. Just hours after the Titans took down the Packers in Green Bay, Downing found himself on the wrong end of bookings. He was charged with a DUI and speeding.

Since then, Todd Downing has posted bond and was released. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the NFL coach is going to have to go through the process with the league and his team. When a situation like this comes up, it isn’t just the organization that gets involved.

Schefter explained that this is standard, and league personnel have been talking to the Titans.

With how well he called that game during Thursday Night Football, Todd Downing made a very poor call here. There are a lot of “what-ifs” that can occur when you drink and drive. Not to mention the bad look it gives not just the individual but in this case the Titans as an organization.

Someone has to get the OC home safe and sound after a big win. Uber, Lyft, grab a ride with a friend – something.

The Titans went into Green Bay and snagged a big win. Even if Aaron Rodgers and his team aren’t the same powerhouse they used to be, it’s hard to win in the cold, surrounded by cheeseheads. It really stinks that it had to be overshadowed by this mishap.

Todd Downing Arrested For DUI

The news of Todd Downing’s DUI came out early on Friday. Then his mugshot was shared on social media and led to all kinds of reactions from fans. Understandably, a lot of folks are upset. An NFL coach should be able to win a game, celebrate appropriately, and get home safely.

One of the biggest highlights from the game was the continued domination of Derrick Henry. The running back is just unstoppable when he gets going downhill and has a full head of steam.

The best play call that Todd Downing made had to be the pass play by Henry. A fake run up the middle, collapse the defense, hit the tight end Austin Hooper wide open in the endzone – that’s how you win a game. However, not many people will be talking about that today, given the latest news.