NFL: Jerry Jones Reveals Which Cowboys Player Reminds Him Most of Deion Sanders

by Josh Lanier

Jerry Jones paid a big compliment to one of his players during a radio interview this week. The Dallas Cowboys owner said one of his wide receivers reminded him of Hall of Famer Deion Sanders.

Jones told 105.3 that CeeDee Lamb has the same explosiveness, energy and play-making ability as Primetime. Sanders, a cornerback and return specialist, was known for his speed, agility, and ability to make quick cuts.

Jerry Jones Praises Ceedee Lamb

“Boy, we just jumped up there and got him. My grandson was sitting right beside me (during the NFL draft) and he was putting his finger on his name and said, production, papa, production. Look at his production. Because our man had fallen to us as far as our defensive side of the football. And he said, ‘look at the production,’” Jerry Jones told 105.3 The Fan according to

“Well, with CeeDee, you not only have to look at the production, but you have to look at how he makes plays and his energy. You notice his helmet comes off a lot because of the explosion that is happening in his moves out there. He’s very explosive. He’s explosive at the point of contact. … I don’t know that I’ve seen anybody since Deion Sanders that has that type of sheer step-to-step explosion.

“You couple that with great hand-eye (coordination) and being able to do something like he was able to do in the end zone the other day. All of that we had seen, and that’s all you need to see, when he was at Oklahoma. He changed the course of what we thought we had planned on draft day when he was sitting there with that pick. And we just decided we couldn’t pass a player like that.”

The rookie wideout has 48 receptions so far this year for 629 yards and 4 touchdowns, according to That includes a circus catch for a touchdown on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

It’ll be years before we know if Lamb lives up to the comparison to Sanders, but he’s off to a good start.