NFL: Joe Buck Jokes About ‘Jinx’ Power He Holds Over Kickers

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Ray Tamarra/GC Images)

Longtime NFL commentator Joe Buck seems to think he holds power over the outcome of sporting. He claims to wield the power of the “jinx.”

The question of ‘are jinxes real’ has been highly debated in the sports world. However, it is clearly never going to get a true answer. Much like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, the efficacy of a sports-related jinx is something many sports fans simply believe in. Or they don’t.

In superstition and folklore, a “jinx” is a curse or the attribute of attracting bad or negative luck. The term dates back several centuries ago as a term or misfortune or curse.

Superstitious sports fan will go well out of there way to prevent or break a jinx on their favorite athlete or team. Many sports fans believe such things as remaining in one location for the entirety of a sporting event is the only way to break a jinx. Apparently, sports fans should just pray that Joe Buck doesn’t call the games they are watching.

Broadcaster Joe Buck, who has been a part of thousands of sporting events, not only believes in jinxes, but believes he can issue one.

NFL Kicker ‘Jinxed’ by Broadcaster Joe Buck

According to Sports Illustrated, Buck sounded off on his jinx powers during a conversation with journalist Jimmy Traina. Buck jokingly says he relishes his ability to affect the outcome of games. In addition to NFL games, Buck also commentates on baseball games.

“There are few things I relish more than affecting the outcome of kicks, no-hitters, wins and losses from the broadcast booth,” he says. “It’s fun. It’s power that cannot fall into the wrong hands.”

Buck was responding to allegations he jinxed Baltimore Kicker Justin Tucker during the second quarter of a game against the Dallas Cowboys. Noting that Tucker is pretty much automatic inside 40 yards, the kicker misses a 36-yard field goal.

Did Buck “jinx” Tucker? You be the judge: