NFL: Joe Buck Leaves Fox Sports for Monster ESPN Deal

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Longtime NFL and MLB broadcaster Joe Buck is on the move in a blockbuster broadcasting shake-up in the sports world. Indeed, according to a new report via The New York Post, Joe Buck will soon be leaving FOX Sports for ESPN to become the Monday Night Football announcer in a deal with his longtime broadcasting partner Troy Aikman.

What The Reported ESPN Deal Means for Joe Buck And FOX

The move for Joe Buck is a seismic one for broadcasters, as this potentially leaves a huge hole on FOX, as Buck and Aikman were the No. 1 booth for the network in the afternoon slot on NFL Sundays. Now, the network will need to add an entirely new broadcast team for the No. 1 spot on FOX. For ESPN, they potentially get the No. 1 broadcast team from FOX. The pending deal to add both Buck and Aikman potentially solidifies their MNF booth for years to come after years of moving around the booth with analysts like Booger McFarland and Brian Griese, among others.

Joe Buck’s Biggest Moments

Buck has called a lot of big MLB games over the course of his career. He is known for his time working the booth in the NFL with Aikman, but he has also been on the call for many World Series games, too. He told Complex, “I do, only because I have a daughter who is 25. In my first World Series, I was 27 and scared out of my mind. And in the Bronx, it was Yankees vs. Braves, it was so beyond anything I ever dreamt of doing. I grew up as my dad’s son in St. Louis and I always figured… I grew up in the broadcast booth. My dad was my best friend and my hero.” At just 27-years-old, Buck called a World Series game between the Yankees and Braves. That was huge.

He continued, “And I always hoped and dreamed and thought that maybe one day I would have a chance to call games with him, which I did in 1991 when I was 22-years-old. But I never thought beyond that. And to be sitting there at Yankee Stadium on a nationally televised World Series, I mean, I had just seen my mid sixties year-old dad do that just… What? Six years prior to that.” He followed in his father’s footsteps, but he could not have been more grateful. It was a dream come true.

Joe Buck’s Great MLB Run

Buck concluded, “And it just was not even on my radar. So to have a daughter that’s basically that age now and think about it then, I’m proud that I wasn’t overwhelmed by the moment. I’m proud that I look back on it and I listen to it sometimes and go… I could have been shaky and I wasn’t. And that’s how I look back on it. Had I been bad right out of the gate, I wouldn’t have done… It’s now 23 World Series, aiming for 24 this year. And it’s just been a run that has been funded by the deep pockets of FOX. Nothing that I’ve done. I just haven’t screwed it up.”

Only time will tell what Joe Buck’s move to ESPN will mean for the World Series coverage and the FOX NFL Sundays games, too.