NFL: Joe Burrow’s Massive Scar From ACL Surgery on Full Display in New Bengals’ Uniform Reveal

by Thad Mitchell

Quarterback Joe Burrow’s rookie season with the Cincinnati Bengals did not exactly go according to plan.

Burrow was the first overall draft pick in the 2020 NFL draft out Louisiana State University (LSU) after one of the greatest seasons a college quarterback has ever had. He was the consensus top player in the draft and was a no-brainer selection for the quarterback-needy Bengals. His final season with the LSU Tigers was so impressive, he was awarded the Heisman Trophy for his efforts.

Burrow was off to a fine start with the Bengals and was beginning to come into his own when he suffered a horrendous injury. The quarterback severely hurt his left knee, tearing his ACL along with a couple of other ligaments in the knee. He hurt the knee in a November 22 matchup against the Washington Football Team. A torn ACL is a devastating injury for a football player and was once considered a potential career-ender. But medical science has come a long way and it is now possible to come all the way back from the injury with proper rehabilitation.

Joe Burrow Shows Off New Uniforms and Surgery Scar

The Bengals will have new uniforms heading into the 2021 NFL season and unveiled their new digs recently. On hand to model the new uniforms was Joe Burrow, along with several of his Bengal teammates. While the team’s new uniforms are nice, it was Burrow’s knee that too center stage. The young quarterback has not been seen much since the injury occurred late last year. Burrow’s surgical scar was in full view and highly noticeable.

The scar extends from the top of Burrow’s knee cap, down his shin, and appears to be at least six inches long. Judging from the scar, the operating surgeon was forced to open the leg in order to repair not only the ACL but also other ailments resulting from the injury. Though the scar is four months old, it still has the blueish and red tint that appears after major surgery.

The good news for Bengal fans is that Burrow seems to be recovering quite nicely. ACL injuries take several months to recover from but the quarterback seems to be well on his way. Many attending the uniform unveiling say Burrow was moving around quite well and didn’t appear to be “nursing” the knee.

While it is yet to be determined, there is optimism that Burrow will be ready for the season opener.