NFL: Jon Gruden Jokes About Baker Mayfield’s Commercials Ahead of Raiders-Browns Game

by Thad Mitchell

The Las Vegas Raiders are set to take on the Cleveland Browns this weekend in a battle of two surprise NFL teams. However, an interesting subplot is emerging between Jon Gruden and Baker Mayfield.

In speaking with reporters this week, Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden poked fun of Browns’ quarterback Baker Mayfield. But it wasn’t Mayfield’s on-field play that drew Gruden’s witty comments. Instead, it was Mayfield’s role as a pitchman in commercials for Progressive Insurance.

MSN reports Gruden told the reporters that he prefers his own commercials to Mayfield’s commercials. Akron Beacon Journal reporter Nate Ulrich broke the humorous story on Twitter Wednesday afternoon.

“Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden joked he likes his commercials better than Mayfields’s,” he tweets.

The always funny “At Home with Baker Mayfield” Progressive Insurance commercials feature Mayfield treating FirstEnergy Stadium as if it were his home. One particular commercial features Mayfield attempting to carry groceries into the stadium. Realizing that he cannot retrieve his keys to get in, he calls for help to no avail.

Another commercial shows Mayfield hosting a “book club” meeting in which members decide to vote out another member for not showing up. “I can’t feel my fingers,” he screams while trying to grab someone’s attention to let him in.

Jon Gruden Corona Extra Commercials

Of course, Gruden is no stranger to the lighted commercial stage either. Before he got back into coaching, he was a featured spokesman for Corona Beer and restaurant chain Hooters. His “Gruden Hotline” commercials were especially popular for the long-time NFL coach.

The commercials feature Gruden taking calls and doling out advice to football fans. In this particular bit, Gruden tells a fan to pretend he has imaginary friends so that he can “save seats” at the bar. He tells another fan that he is over decorating for a football party and that all he really needs is friends and Corona beers.