NFL: Josh Jacobs Reveals Photos of Destroyed $160k Car After Crash in Las Vegas

by Charles Craighill

Back in early January, Las Vegas Raiders star rookie running back Josh Jacobs got into a horrific car accident. He walked out of the wreck with only a gash on his forehead, which has since healed up nicely. Today, photos came out of the $160,000 car after the accident, and let’s just say Jacobs got pretty lucky. The car? Not so much. Check out photos of what remains of Jacobs’ car here.

The 2019 Acura NSX suffered severe damage to the front bumper which shot all the way up to the windshield. In fact, everything in front of the front driver’s side tire looks completely destroyed. While we can’t see much of the interior due to the tinted window, the outside damage suggests it probably doesn’t look great.

On January 4th, Josh Jacobs got into a single-car accident near the Las Vegas airport around 4:42 am. The timing and circumstances suggest that Jacobs may have been drinking, however, blood tests after the wreck indicated that he was below the legal limit. Therefore, he did not receive a DUI for the wreck.

However, he did not completely escape legal trouble. Josh Jacobs did get slapped with a “Duty of Driver to Decrease Speed Under Certain Circumstances” due to the crash. Even with the legal implications and the totaled six-figure automobile, everyone can agree that Josh Jacobs got lucky to escape with his life. A misdemeanor is a small price to pay in a life and death situation like that.

Josh Jacobs is Healing

Now, over a month after the horrific accident, the giant gash across Josh Jacobs’ forehead appears nearly healed. The star running back posted some videos to his social media earlier this month and the cut that had stitches in it just a month ago looks like nothing more than a wrinkle. Well, maybe a little more than a wrinkle, but a lot better than it did.

While the $160,000 Acura sports car may be damaged beyond repair, Josh Jacobs should be good to suit up again next season. The rookie finished among the top rookies in the league, racking up 1,065 rushing yards in the 2020 season. The Las Vegas Raiders missed out on the playoffs this year, but have a chance to come back strong in 2021.