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NFL: Larry Fitzgerald Says He Re-Wrote Will After COVID-19 Diagnosis

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Norm Hall/ Getty Images)

With many aspects of the coronavirus still being discovered, the way it might affect one person to another may vary drastically. That’s why Larry Fitzgerald says that when he was diagnosed with the virus, he took the time to re-write his will to prepare for a worst-case scenario.

On Thanksgiving, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald was placed on the team’s reserve/ COVID-19 list. The 37-year-old admits that he started to have dark thoughts while in quarantine.

He had symptoms that started two days later that lasted throughout the weekend and into Monday. A scared Fitzgerald decided it was time to update his will and estate plans and other things he had been putting off.

“I mean, there’s no real answer, so your mind kind of wonders and you’re sitting at home, and you’re watching TV, and you see the cases, and you see the deaths across the nation, and all these things are running through your mind and, obviously, you worry,” he said. “But, fortunately, I was able to get through it, and I feel much better.”

Larry Fitzgerald on the Uncertainty

The 11-time Pro Bowler said the uncertainty is what scared him the most with the new virus.

“I think the scariest part, and I think anybody that’s had it, is nobody really can give you any answers. You learn new information every single day. You feel symptoms, and you ask, and nobody really can tell you. ‘It’s gonna be better,’ or, ‘This is how long it would usually last.'”

During Larry Fitzgerald’s time in quarantine, he lost nine pounds. He also took the time to put things into perspective and evaluate what is important to him.

“It makes you really appreciate the health that you have and talking to your kids every day and to see their concern. It was more so the immediate future, like, you know, staying alive and things of that nature,” Fitzgerald said. “Football, and how long I play football, didn’t really cross my mind.”

The wide receiver was released from the COVID list on Tuesday. The Cardinals currently have a record of 6 and 6 and are playing the New York Giants on Sunday.