NFL Legend Jimmy Johnson Rips Jerry Jones for Poor Management of Dallas Cowboys, Setting Team up For Failure

by Josh Lanier

Jimmy Johnson left the Cowboys on uneasy terms with owner Jerry Jones, but they two have mended their relationship over the years. But Johnson isn’t afraid to slam his former boss, especially when it comes to the team’s failures on the field.

Johnson recently spoke with USA Today about the Cowboys’ collapse. The team went from winning three Super Bowls in the 1990s (1992 and 1993 with him as head coach) to struggling to even make the playoffs in recent years.

Johnson said the team has a lot of needs, but the most important is an attitude change.

“A lot of their players walk around like they have Super Bowl rings on because that’s the way in the public and throughout the country they are treated,” he said. “They’re treated like, hey, you just won the Super Bowl, but in reality, they didn’t even make the playoffs.”

Johnson didn’t point to any single issue that he’d address, but he had a series of suggestions on how they could improve their work ethic. He also wants players to be more realistic so they can find ways to get better rather than look for excuses.

“I don’t know that bringing in someone new will change things. It’s really a unique place to coach and work. There are so many accolades that go their way unearned,” Johnson first replied.

Johnson did have some kind words for Jones on his business acumen. He believes Jones and quarterback Dak Prescott will reach an agreement soon.

Jimmy Johnson Says Patrick Mahomes Best He’s Ever Seen

Jimmy Johnson told Stephen A Smith and Max Kellerman on First Take that Patrick Mahomes was the best quarterback he’s ever seen.

(Tom) Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time just because of the record. He’s won Super Bowls than anybody or more than anybody ever will win. But Patrick Mahomes … he is just so special. He can make all the throws. He’s got great vision. He’s mobile, just such a talented quarterback.”

Johnson said Mahomes is able to see the field unlike any quarterback in the game. And with his mobility and ability to throw on the run, the Kansas City quarterback makes defending him nearly impossible.

“He’s the best I’ve ever seen,” Johnson said.

Johnson said he’s picking Mahomes and the Chiefs to beat Brady and the Buccaneers in the Super Bowl on Sunday.