NFL London Game: British Fans Troll Packers With Hilarious Chant

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

The New York Giants took on the Green Bay Packers in the NFL London Game in Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. These British fans of the Giants used a popular soccer game-day chant to the American football game.

They created a hilarious anti-Packers chant and belted it out prior to, during, and even after the game.

The chant is definitely NSFW. However, it is pretty hilarious.

“You can shove your f—king cheese up your a**, you can shove your f—king cheese up your a**! You can shove your f—king cheese, shove your f—cking cheese, shove your f—king cheese up your a**!”

A tweet with a video capturing the chant was recorded and posted to Twitter. “My girl is in London and sent me the official chant for the game today,” they wrote in their caption. “LETS GO GIANTS!!”

The video can be seen below.

At soccer matches, fans have many coordinated chants for both the team and individual players on opposing teams. The chants are oftentimes ruthless and unsuitable for children. This one was no different.

For the NFL London Game, plenty of Giants and Packers fans showed up. The official Twitter accounts of both teams posted videos depicting the huge showing of fans for both squads.

One video captures the Giants’ team pub where fan-favorite Victor Cruz pumps up the crowd. The other depicts a large swath of Packers fans on the streets of London.

“Giants fans thanks for reppin’ at our team pub,” the Giants account wrote along with their video.

“Jeepers cripes look at all these #Packers fans in London!” the Packers account wrote in their caption to the video below.

Fans React to Hilarious Anti-Packers Chant at NFL London Game

Plenty of fans reacted to the hilarious and viral chant, taking to Twitter to voice their thoughts.

“Lmaoooooo this will be our new chant when we play the packers in the future,” one fan wrote. “Hahaha right?! Perfect lmfaooo,” the original poster responded.

One fan remarked on how British chants can oftentimes be much worse. “That’s pretty standard for British chants. Love it,” one fan wrote.

“We should have them think up of a team chant for us,” another agreed.

“Didn’t know what to expect when I turned on sound,” one Giants fan said. “Was not disappointed.”

“It’s so Ted Lasso!” one fan commented, remarking on the similarities between the chant and the hit TV show starring Jason Sudeikis.

“Unreal. Even they can get a chant going better than we can back at the meadowlands,” another fan requested.

Other fans wondered why US sports don’t seem to match the intensity of UK sports. “Why can’t the US have the same fanfare as the UK those guys are on a different level.”

Another fan provided their reason. “I think it’s because sports like soccer is (sic) far more intertwined into their culture than over here were (sic) its more just entertainment and a product.”

A final fan agreed, writing: “All sports need to travel through England for a cultural christening.”