NFL: Marshawn Lynch Reveals the One Condition That Could Bring Him Out of Retirement

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)

Will Marshawn Lynch return to the NFL this season? Maybe, maybe not. But, only time will tell whether or not Beast Mode will make an impact on a team any time soon.

During Conan O’Brien’s show on Wednesday, Lynch talks about what his condition is for a return to the NFL this year. In the interview, Beast Mode says that he will only return to play if he is on a team that is going to contend for a Super Bowl ring. If the team doesn’t have a chance to win this year, Lynch does not have any interest.

So, Lynch delves into his potential return this year after Conan asks if he might “un-retire.”

“If the situation is right, then it could happen. But I mean, I’ve been asked the question by a couple of teams here recently, like, ‘Are you ready?’ I’m ready if y’all [are] Super Bowl ready. That’s what it will take me to come out [of retirement], to come and play again. It would have to be a guaranteed Super Bowl game for me.”

That is a tall order. But it sounds like there are several teams, who seem bound for the Super Bowl, could use his veteran presence.

Marshawn Lynch Coming Out of Retirement, Again?

Lynch last played for the second half of the season for the Seattle Seahawks in 2019 when he came out of retirement. He played their last regular-season game for them. Lynch also played in the NFC Wildcard game loss to the Dallas Cowboys last year as well.

This was not his first return to the NFL after retiring. In fact, in 2017, after retiring in 2016, he agreed to play for the Oakland Raiders after the Seahawks traded his rights.

After Conan jokes that teams ask him to come out of retirement to play for them, Lynch talks about Conan’s inability to play in the NFL. The two joke about how well Conan would do at defensive back, and then the conversation returns to Lynch.

“Well, it’s almost on that ‘expect the unexpected.’ But, just as far as right now, what I do know is, Imma keep it solid. My agent has been in talks with Seattle, so like I said, we’ll see what happens. If it works out and I get back up there, it is what it is. And if not, (expletive), I’m lookin’ good. So I ain’t really trippin’ too much.”

So, it sounds like Seattle is the preferred destination this year if Lynch does decide to return to football. But regardless, Beast Mode talking about playing again is always exciting. He remains one of the most electrifying players to ever play. There may not be another human on earth with his interview habits and skittle antics.