WATCH: NFL Mascot Hilariously Picks Fight With Youth Football Player

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If the NFL doesn’t your thing, could we potentially interest you in a football game that features mascots and youth teams? Based on what we saw this weekend, it might be just as interesting as the professional league.

Twitter exploded on Sunday after a video of the Atlanta Falcons mascot (Freddie Falcon) attempted to fight an entire youth football team. The altercation started with Freddie pushing the ball carrier out of bounds, then walking over and shoving the kid again.

While the mascot was probably just having some fun … the kid took it pretty personal. He didn’t go down without a fight, throwing the football and taking some shots at ol’ Freddie.

During the scuffle, the entire youth football team ran over to defend their teammate. Freddie got caught in the middle of it but refused to back away.

This is the entertainment we all need, right?

To be honest, there’s really nothing for the mascots to gain in these scrimmages at halftime. They might as well have some fun. If they tick off a few kids in the process, who cares?

Atlanta Mascots are Relentless in Football Scrimmages

Blooper, the mascot of the Atlanta Braves, had to be proud while watching his pal Freddie fight off an entire youth football team. Earlier this year, “King Bloopy” showed no remorse when he took the field in a similar game.

The situation was slightly different, though. Blooper was the ball carrier, and he threw potential tacklers all around the field. He didn’t care who he embarrassed on his way to picking up every yard available before stepping out of bounds.

That’s a pretty nasty stiff-arm from Blooper, too.

Are all mascots out for blood like Blooper and Freddie Falcon? Or is this just an Atlanta thing?