NFL Monday Night Viewers Baffled by Jimmy Kimmel’s Halftime Appearance

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images)

NFL Monday Night Football viewers were baffled during halftime when Jimmy Kimmel made an appearance in the booth with Joe Buck. The two cut some awkward jokes. Back in the day, Kimmel was a color commentator on Monday Night Football but it only lasted about two weeks.

That was an infamous time in the history of ESPN MNF. Tony Kornheiser and Mike Tirico did not get along the best. Kornheiser would leave Monday nights due to his fear of flying. Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel was making references to his days (two to be exact) with ESPN back then and some other awkward jokes.

Kimmel really made things awkward when he brought up Fox, Buck’s old network.

It didn’t get much better from here and fans took notice.

Fans Bothered by Jimmy Kimmel on MNF

This fan was quick to find an explainer of what happened back when Jimmy Kimmel was on for two weeks of the NFL season. The explainer makes the jokes that the comedian and late-night host made tonight even more cringe-worthy.

Look, we love you Monday Night Football. Just please never ever do anything like that ever again. That’s all these fans ask of you, really. There is already enough going on with the ManningCast, the game itself, and the rest of the ESPN broadcast – why more distractions?

Everywhere you look, fans just didn’t know why they were seeing Jimmy Kimmel on their TV. The jokes were strange, Joe Buck looked like he didn’t know what was happening, and it fell flat. Halftime doesn’t always have to be exciting and fun, but fans are clear, they don’t want whatever that was.

This game hasn’t been great. So, fans likely had a short fuse for random appearances, anyway. The Cowboys and Giants haven’t been an offensive shootout whatsoever. But, there have been some great parts. The defensive performance from Micah Parsons for instance has been a show in and of itself.

Moving forward, let’s just leave Jimmy Kimmel on late night and have Monday Night Football do what it does bets. Give the stats, news, and injuries at halftime – and occasionally do something funny in the booth. Outside of that, I’m not sure what fans want.