NFL Moving Bills-Browns Game to Detroit Following Buffalo ‘Thundersnow’ Forecast

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

Sorry NFL fans who love a little powder on the field. The Bills and Browns game scheduled to take place in Buffalo has been moved due to the weather forecast. Due to heavy snow that is set to blanket the area, with some predictions of as much as 3-6 feet before Sunday, the league had to make an executive decision.

Although fans wanted to see the so-called “Thundersnow” game, it isn’t happening. The NFL is taking the game to Detroit with the severe weather in the forecast. That will mean the Bills will play back-to-back weeks at Ford Field. Buffalo takes on Detroit next week during Thanksgiving.

Adam Schefter with the news.

Now, the Bills are used to having a bad forecast for gameday. However, the NFL has to put a game on the field that is worth watching. While there have been legendary snow games in the history of the league, this weekend will not be one of them.

And really, that speaks to how serious this storm is coming into Buffalo and the surrounding area. Think about that 2017 game that the Bills and Colts played in Buffalo, now that was a wild forecast. It also delivered a ton of snow. Let’s just hope for a good game in Detroit between these two teams. That’s all NFL fans want at the end of the day.

Bills Forecast Freezes Sunday Plans

There really is no way to combat a storm that is going to dish out as much snow as this one. Buffalo is used to having snow early and often in the winter, but November looks like it is going to get things going to end the fall. While six feet of snow isn’t likely to happen at this point, imagine that much snow on the field. You wouldn’t be able to find Devin Singletary!

It is probably for the best that the NFL changes the Bills game to Detroit due to the weather forecast. Still, NFL fans are going to be wondering what could have been with this game. The chaos of a snow game is unmatched by anything else in sports.