NFL: ‘No Fun League’ Goes Trending After Fans Lose It Over Taunting Calls in Week 2

by John Jamison

Mr. Goodell, NFL fans everywhere implore you, tear down this- wait, no. Abolish these taunting rules! The internet has spoken. Casual fans and pundits alike have issues with the way taunting has been enforced through the first two weeks of the No Fun League’s season.

Look, fans understand that rules are necessary to the smooth functioning of a professional football game. They understand that CTE is a serious issue. If that means making some changes to the ways defenders can hit, so be it. But you have to draw the line somewhere, NFL.

The way the officials have been enforcing taunting this season doesn’t seem to benefit anyone. In some cases, players were flagged for doing little more than showing emotion after making a great play. Take a look below.

Is this a taunt? Or is this a disadvantaged defensive back getting excited about making a play on one of the best receivers in the league?

The video below provides a compilation of all of the taunting calls in Week 2. Check it out at your own risk.

“NFL ie No Fun League back again with taunting flags galore. How bout we let players or ex-players do the rules from now on. Cause ur refs dont know the difference between disrespect and celebration. Stop trying to help ur vegas odds with BS rules and calls by the lesser men,” one frustrated fan tweeted.

“No Fun League once again. Penalizing professional athletes for “taunting” is garbage,” another echoed.

“Wow… this league is so soft now. It’s really turning into the No Fun League. Players can’t even celebrate a good play anymore…” an NFL fan who may as well represent every fan out there wrote.

HBO and NFL Films Make an Unprecedented Move By Announcing a Regular Season Edition of ‘Hard Knocks’ Following the Indianapolis Colts

This is something. It’s no apology for taunting rule enforcement, which fans will undoubtedly demand throughout the season. But it’s something.

NFL fans have likely also followed a season or two of the iconic training camp documentary series “Hard Knocks.” Every summer, NFL films and HBO produce a new season revolving around a specific team. This year, it was the Dallas Cowboys. But for the first time, they will follow a team during the regular season.

“We could not be more thrilled to bring ‘Hard Knocks’ and the remarkable behind-the-scenes access it provides for the entirety of an NFL season. Thanks to HBO, along with the incredible cooperation from the Colts, we are able to deliver a groundbreaking new edition of the series,” said NFL Films executive Ross Ketover.

“Hard Knocks” will follow the Indianapolis Colts as they try to navigate a tumultuous season. The show begins on November 17.