WATCH: NFL Official Laughs Off His Own Hilariously Bungled Penalty Call in Steelers-Eagles Game

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Word salad, anyone? One NFL official ordered one up during Sunday’s game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles, much to the delight of social media.

During Sunday’s game, head official Clete Blakeman attempted to explain a penalty flag that was thrown late in the first quarter. While his description of the call might’ve made sense in his head, it didn’t translate at all with fans.

“Delay of game, defense No. 55, for making a move that’s not necessary… un-like football. It’s a half distance from penalty. …” Blakeman mistakenly said.

The best part? Blakeman laughed off the word salad while making the call.

Yes, NFL officials are trained professionals, but they’re not immune to making a few mistakes during the course of a game. Most of those come in the form of penalties … or non-calls. Not often does it happen over the loud-speaker.

While that probably served as a really embarrassing moment for Blakeman, it’s pretty cool to see him acknowledge the mistake. Before the next game, he might have to try some Ron Burgundy-type speaking exercises.

Making Announcements Can be Dangerous for NFL Officials, too

Let’s cut Clete Blakeman some slack. After all, he’s making a public announcement inside stadiums that seat tens of thousands of people. That’s enough to give even the best public speaker some butterflies.

Plus, addressing the press box can be a dangerous game. An official in last week’s Detroit LionsDallas Cowboys game learned that lesson the hard way.

While making a call during the game, he was struck with an errant pass. It definitely caught him off guard, and he laughed off the moment, as well.

The football struck the official in the head, but not hard enough to cause any injury. Instead, it proved to be just a funny moment for the official, players and fans.