NFL: Packers Fans’ Hilarious Sign Sparks Debate About ‘Deep Dish Pizza’

by Clayton Edwards

The official Sunday Night Football Twitter account shared a picture last night that is causing a heated debate among fans. The current debate is merely a skirmish in a wider battle. The argument transcends generation and political affiliation. The question here: is deep-dish pizza better than actual pizza?

The Deep Dish Pizza Debate

If you were unaware of the culinary schism that is the deep dish pizza debate, don’t fret. It’s fairly simple. People from the Chicago area have been trying to argue that deep dish pizza is superior to actual pizza. People from most other regions tend to disagree.

Firstly, you have to figure out if deep dish pizza is, in fact, pizza. Then and only then can you move on to whether it is better than a real pizza. One Twitter user shared their opinion on this in reply to the Sunday Night Football account.

Comedian and proud New Yorker Jon Stewart tends to agree. He famously shared his opinion on the topic years ago. When he hosted “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central, Stewart explained the intricacies of the debate in a mildly NSFW rant.

If you accept that deep-dish is pizza, you can continue to argue which is superior. Which Twitter users did. There were plenty of folks from Chicagoland who chimed in with their opinions.

Some injected a little humor into their replies.

There were also replies by those on the correct other side of the debate.

Outliers in the Deep Dish Pizza Debate

Not everyone in the replies of the original tweet was as aligned as you might expect. One Chicago resident stepped out of line to share their truth with other Twitter users.

The Twitter account for the “Poor Man’s Packers Podcast” had the most Wisconsin reply possible.

One Thing NFL Fans Can Agree on

No matter where NFL fans fall on the great debate surrounding deep-dish pizza, there’s one thing on which they can agree. That is the fact that Aaron Rodgers put up some impressive numbers against the Chicago Bears last night. Of course, Chicago fans have to agree with that… Even if they cling to the wrong side of the pizza debate.