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NFL: Patrick Mahomes Plans on Slathering Thanksgiving Turkey in Ketchup

by Suzanne Halliburton
(Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

Oh, no, Patrick Mahomes. Please don’t do that to your turkey!

It seems Mahomes loves ketchup on everything. That includes his holiday turkey. So, as always, there will be a bottle handy when dinner is served at the Mahomes’ home this Thursday.

“Yeah, dude, I mean come on,” Mahomes said. “You got to put ketchup on (turkey).”

Mahomes was discussing the do’s and don’ts with his Thanksgiving table with KCSP 610 radio earlier this week.

His big do is smother any and everything with ketchup. It makes it taste better. The don’t would be to ignore the ketchup.

The radio hosts at KCSP asked Mahomes if he was kidding. But Mahomes doesn’t kid about ketchup.

“Come on,” Mahomes said, “you know me better than that.”

Seems that when Mahomes was growing up in Whitehouse, Texas, he loved making himself ketchup sandwiches. He’d squirt the thick red sauce on two pieces of white bread and enjoy his snack.

“It was a long time ago, but when I was a little kid, I used to just eat ketchup sandwiches that were just ketchup and bread,” Mahomes wrote in his biography.

“I used to get teased about it all the time. Because people thought it was very strange that I didn’t put any ham, turkey or anything else on it, just ketchup and bread. I grew out of it, so, I don’t do that anymore.”

He ditched the sandwiches, but he hasn’t quit ketchup. It’s his deal.

Patrick Mahomes Gets Money for Using Ketchup

And now, ketchup is padding his checking account.

In 2018, the year he won the NFL MVP award, Mahomes signed an endorsement deal with Hunt’s ketchup. Hunt’s announced the deal in a Tweet, asking “Who else would you rather have passing the ketchup?”

Mahomes uses ketchup on steak, eggs, mac-and-cheese and takeout barbecue.

Then, there’s Mahomes’ national deal with State Farm. He’s got a major role in many of their commercials. One of them includes a whole scene where Mahomes is sitting at the table, putting ketchup on everything.

That’ll probably be what happens Thursday for Thanksgiving.