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NFL: Patrick Mahomes Praises Deshaun Watson as ‘Special’ During Thanksgiving Day Game

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

During today’s matchup between the Detroit Lions and the Houston Texans, Patrick Mahomes sang the praises of Houston’s Deshaun Watson. Mahomes, the Kansas City quarterback is currently a frontrunner for the NFL MVP. However, the Superbowl LIV MVP saw something in Houston’s quarterback on this Thanksgiving game.

“That man Deshawn Watson is special,” Mahomes said in his Tweet.

Mahomes had a valid point based on the Houston quarterback’s performance. Deshaun Watson completed 17 of his 25 pass attempts for a total of 318 yards. He also tossed four touchdowns on the day with no interceptions. Watson led his team to a 41-25 victory to advance to 4-7.

Deshaun Watson and the Texans’ Playoff Picture

Despite their 4-7 record, the Houston Texans are not completely eliminated from the playoff race. They currently sit at third place in the AFC South behind the Tennessee Titans and the Indianapolis Colts. The Titans and Colts both own a 7-3 record but will duke it out on Sunday for the first place spot.

However, the Texans will have more opportunities to climb the AFC South standings. They will matchup against the Colts twice before the season is over, which could flip their season around. They also have one more chance against the Tennessee Titans to redeem their 42-36 loss earlier in the season.

While winning the division isn’t out of the question, the Houston Texans’ best bet likely will be grabbing a wildcard spot. currently, five teams sit ahead of the Texans in line for that third and final playoff spot. They don’t necessarily control their own destiny, but if they can manage to win out, they stand a chance.

They will need a few teams to lose some games to stand a chance, their upcoming schedule has some fairly winnable games. Their inter-divisional matchups against the Colts and the Titans will be their biggest obstacles, but if they pull away with some wins, they could extend their season.