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NFL: Peyton Manning’s ‘Peyton’s Places’ Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning returns for a second helping the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The second season of his football-themed documentary series “Peyton’s Places” returns on Nov. 29.

The show airs on ESPN + and features Manning’s continued passion for the sport he loves.

“Peyton’s Places is a history project that became a passion project,” Manning said in a press release. “There’s so many fascinating things about football history that people just don’t know and I’m looking forward to bringing it to ESPN+.”

The athlete will be joined by an assortment of celebrities and guest stars for his sophomore outing. Kurt Russell, James Van Der Beek and David Letterman are among the celebrity guests. Marshawn Lynch, Lynn Swann, and John Elway will also appear. The season will even feature an appearance by former President Bill Clinton.

“Peyton’s Places season two continues a fantastic, one-of-a-kind tour through football, with the greatest guide a fan could hope for,” Connor Schell said. Schell is the Executive Vice President of Content for ESPN. “The new season on ESPN+ picks up where the first season left off, bringing fans and families closer to the stories of football – and the league that captures the imagination of tens of millions of fans every week.”

Peyton Manning Showcases His Football Skills

The trailer for the season features Manning in a variety of hilarious football-themed situations. For instance, Manning will show off his arm by throwing a football at cans, through a basketball hoop and at ballistic gel. At some point during the season, he will also play catch with Bill Clinton and play an older version of the Madden video games.

In the clip, Kurt Russell got on Manning’s bad side when Manning asked him, “Favorite football team growing up?”

“I started to watch this guy, Tom Brady,” Russell replied.

Manning paused in silence before saying, “Alright, that will do it. Cut it short.”

The show returns for a 15 episode second season. Each episode runs for half an hour.