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NFL Players’ Best Halloween Costumes Through The Years

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Everyone in the world enjoys the youthful spirit of Halloween, from little kids to professional football players. For instance, even Bill Belichick, who doesn’t seem to have the word “fun” in his vocabulary. Over the years, we have seen several fun and creative costumes from NFL players to celebrate the holiday. It seems like Halloween is every Sunday with the way Cam Newton dresses for press conferences. Here we have compiled a list of the best examples from the NFL over the years.

1. Russell Wilson as Pete Carrol

First on the list is Russell Wilson dressed as Pete Carrol. Decked out in all of the coaching garb, Wilson visits children at the Seattle Children’s Hospital. With the grey wig in addition to the staple chewing gum, he embodies the persona of his head coach flawlessly.

In a Twitter video, Wilson gives a pretty on-the-dot impersonation, providing some of his best Carol-isms. “Always competin,” Wilson says. “These are all fantastic players.” The long time Seahawks quarterback has made a name for himself by always being an upstanding citizen and a stand-up guy. He proves that yet again, for instance, at the Children’s Hospital.

2. Bill Belichick as a Pirate at Halloween Party

Any time Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick even cracks, a smile a football angel gets his wings. Imagine how many did when Belichick dressed up as a pirate for a Halloween party. Football heaven must have been swarming with newly winged angels.

When Randy Moss, Patriots’ receiver at the time with a wild personality, invited Belichick to the players’ Halloween party, he surely did not expect him to come. Moss was (and still is) an avid jokester, so the invitation must have been a prank. Sure enough, Bill Belichick showed up in the most convincing pirate costume since Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow. Not only was he unrecognizable due to the costume, but we also have never seen Bill Belichick having fun.

3. DeAndre Hopkins as Will Smith’s Genie in ‘Alladin’

While the Alladin Genie is a popular costume, it is not an easy one. Very few successfully pull off a movie quality rendition of the genie. DeAndre Hopkins happens to be one of the few. From the full blue body paint to the single long braid of hair, Hopkins nailed this costume.

4. Josh Allen as Black Panther

On Halloween, the Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker somehow squeezed himself into a skin-tight, movie quality Black Panther suit. When he is not sacking quarterbacks, perhaps Josh Allen spends his off-time fighting crime. Allen has already grabbed two sacks on the year and will look for more next Sunday against the Texans.

5. Tyreek Hill as a Sumo Wrestler on Halloween

Tyreek Hill, “The Cheetah,” was seen entering the Chiefs’ facility in an inflatable sumo wrestler suit. It is hard to say whether or not the speedy wide receiver can reach his top speed in that costume this Halloween. Although, the defending champs may not need him to this weekend against the 0-7 Jets.