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NFL: Political Leanings of All 32 Team Fan Bases Revealed

by Suzanne Halliburton
(Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images)

Election day is a hot topic as Americans try to decide between incumbent Donald Trump or Joe Biden, the former vice president.

Thanks to an analysis by StatSocial, NFL fan bases can offer clues as to which candidate they favor.

With election day next Tuesday, StatSocial recently analyzed the political parties by each NFL team. StatSocial based it on social media posts.

It’s not surprising that the San Francisco 49er fans are the most progressive in the NFL. The 49er fans, who were deemed 66 percent Democratic were just ahead of the Seattle Seahawks (65 percent) and Baltimore Ravens (59 percent). Those cheering for the Dallas Cowboys or Tennessee Titans were ranked as the most conservative.

Titans’ fans were deemed 72 percent Republican. The Cowboys were at 67 percent.

Click the image to see the full list of results:

Election Day Engagement by the NFL

Meanwhile, NFL players and teams have become more engaged. The NFL and NFLPA issued a joint statement earlier this week reporting that 90 percent of its players were registered to vote. Several were featured in get-out-the-vote ad campaigns. In addition, about half the teams were using their stadiums or practice complexes as polling spots.

Also, the NFL is allowing all employees, including players, to receive next Tuesday off. The day off helps ensure that everyone will have time to vote.

Ad Week, which analyzes national advertising trends, gave StatSocial a thumbs up for the marketing data. It wrote: “In an age when everything is politicized, why not color NFL teams blue and red? That is what marketing data firm StatSocial has done with an analysis of the political leanings of the fan bases of every team. The results, recently tweeted out by Sports Business Journal’s Ben Fischer, show the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks as the teams that most appeal to Democrats with the Tennessee Titans and Dallas Cowboys counting the most Republicans as fans. Not surprisingly, a bunch of teams in swing states occupy the middle.”