NFL: Rams DB Jalen Ramsey Has Hilarious Reaction To Tom Brady Unretiring

by Jonathan Howard

Jalen Ramsey heard the news about Tom Brady coming out of retirement and had a great reaction. Ramsey has reason to celebrate. While they don’t play on the same team, the two faced off in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. Ramsey’s LA Rams would win that game and go on to take the Super Bowl as well. However, there is one thing that didn’t sit right with the talented cornerback.

There are a ton of reactions to the news that the GOAT is coming back for season 23. However, Jalen Ramsey has the best Tom Brady reaction. He was the victim of Brady’s last touchdown ever…well, what we all thought was his last touchdown ever. Ramsey being the competitor he is, doesn’t want to be associated with being the last guy the greatest passer ever scored on.

With the 44-year-old making his return, this play will no longer be the last touchdown he ever throws.

Tom Brady to Mike Evans will once again be one of the most dangerous duos in the National Football League. Defenses will be shaking once again. And, really if you think about it, LA and Tampa Bay could meet up again in the playoffs…depending on how that game goes Ramsey could be the victim yet again of the last TD pass ever from the GOAT.

Jalen Ramsey’s Tom Brady Reaction Gets Laughs on Twitter

Jalen Ramsey is a funny dude and his Tom Brady reaction is probably the best out there on the internet right now. Of course, fans were getting into the joke as well. Some were appreciative of the respect the cornerback showed for the quarterback.

“Never [seen a corner] happier to see Tom Brady play football,” one fan reacted on Twitter.

Buccaneers fan Ken Barett said, “This is why Ramsey is a class act.”

Tom Brady is coming back. Ready or not.

Tom Brady Announces Retirement on Twitter

It took him about two months to realize that retirement wasn’t for him. So, Brady is making his way back to the league and perhaps leaving on a better note than he did this past season. You know that it killed him not at least winning the Divisional, let alone the Super Bowl. Something tells me that he is set to have a ridiculous season.

Here’s what Brady had to say on Twitter when he announced his intentions to the world.

With this news, the NFL is officially on notice. TB12 is back. He is probably bringing Gronk back. You know that Mike Evans and his receiver core are going to be ready to go again. That offense is back, plain and simple. If you’re a Bucs fan, you don’t have to worry about making the replacement just yet.

So, Outsiders, how long is Brady back? One season, two… three? It’s hard to say, but we know we have at least one more to go.