NFL Reveals How the League Will Honor John Madden on Thanksgiving Day

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images)

The late John Madden will never get enough honors and celebrations. On Thanksgiving Day, the NFL has big plans. Not only will it be Turkey Day, but the league is also hosting the first-ever “John Madden Thanksgiving Celebration.”

Thursday the 24th is going to be a great day for the NFL. That means it’s a great day to celebrate John Madden. Games that day are between the Bills and Lions, Giants and Cowboys, and Patriots vs. Vikings. Before those games air, there will be special recordings of the legendary broadcaster played.

Now, football on Thanksgiving is a big deal. This is as American a tradition as there is out there. Madden played a major part in getting the sport of football to where it is today. That’s why in each of these games, there will be a “Madden Player of the Game.” We are used to seeing the MVP of the marquee matchup given the turkey trophy. However, this is a bit different.

Not only will each network announce a Madden Player of the Game for their respective games, but the NFL Foundation also has a big surprise. They are giving a $10,000 check in the name of each player to a youth or high school football program. The player gets to choose which team they want the money to go to.

There will also be a special helmet sticker for the six teams that play on Thanksgiving. They will be special Madden stickers. Expect a lot of John Madden and his namesake video game to be all over the TV on Thanksgiving.

Roger Goodell on NFL Honoring John Madden

Of course, you can’t have an event like this and not have the commissioner say some words. Nothing in the league is going to happen without Roger Goodell having a say in it, whether that is good or bad is up for you to determine. However, he had some good words for John Madden.

“No one cared more or contributed more to our game than John Madden,” Goodell said, via TMZ. “Honoring his memory and impact on the NFL is important, and Thanksgiving Day brings all of the elements significant to John to life — family, football, food, and fun.”

It’s going to be a great Turkey Day, Outsiders.