NFL Reveals Logo for 2021 Super Bowl LVI

by Charles Craighill

Although the NFL season officially came to a close Sunday night, it’s never too early to start looking ahead to next year. Especially for anyone who doesn’t cheer for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The NFL certainly hasn’t wasted any time in giving fans something to look forward to. Today, just two days after Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay, the NFL revealed what the logo for Super Bowl LVI will look like.

The next Super Bowl will take place in Los Angeles, California in February of 2022. The Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers built a new stadium that opened just in September of 2020. Super Bowl LVI will go down in their shiny new SoFi Stadium.

The logo reflects the location for Super Bowl LVI as it has the classic Hollywood palm trees pictured within the Roman Numerals. The legendary Lombardi Trophy sits ominously in the background. As of Sunday night, that 2022 Lombardi Trophy is there for the taking, with all 32 NFL teams having an equal shot at the hardware.

Well, perhaps not an equal shot. Each NFL team is built constructed differently, and some aren’t even constructed at all. Some, like the New York Jets, have been in the “rebuilding stages” longer than Los Angeles’ new stadium. Hell, the Detroit Lions have been rebuilding since the Rams left Los Angeles the first time in 1994. So yes, each of the 32 NFL teams has an equal shot at the trophy, but only a select few are seriously in the conversation.

Could Super Bowl LVI Be a Home Game?

This year, the Super Bowl happened to be a home game for the first time in NFL history. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hosted the Kansas City Chiefs. While many Chiefs fans blamed referees’ favoritism towards Tom Brady for their loss, they can’t say the same about the home game. The NFL decides the location of each Super Bowl years in advance. While Tom Brady’s choice to go to Tampa Bay may have been because the Super Bowl was there, the NFL’s choice to have the Super Bowl there was not because of Brady.

This year, however, Super Bowl LVI has an even greater chance of becoming a home game for one of the teams. Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium hosts two teams out of the city, the Rams and the Chargers. While neither team has Tom Brady, both teams do have a promising quarterback situation. The Los Angeles Rams recently traded for Detroit’s long-time quarterback, Matthew Stafford. The Chargers quarterback, Justin Herbert, won rookie of the year.