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NFL: Sideline Reporter for Packers-Rams Game Draws Concerns on Social Media

by Madison Miller
(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

During the Los Angeles Rams and Green Bay Packers game last night a sideline reporter’s speech led to concern from fans on social media.

Pam Oliver, Fox Sports sideline reporter, was reporting to start the second half.

She is slurring her words as she talks about the game. She discussed how Green Bay is dealing with the Rams’ being down a player in the form of their star defensive tackle, Aaron Donald.

Coach Matt LaFleur also told her that the second half would continue with a more upbeat offense to beat the Rams. The statement ended up being accurate, as the Packers won 32-18.

Fans Respond to Her Slurred Speech

In a video from yesterday, fans felt that she was having a hard time speaking and annunciating her words.

Fans shared videos of her talking and genuinely were concerned for the reporter.

Maryland 247 Sports reporter, Jeff Ermann, voiced concern on his platform. He said, “Someone needs to check on Pam Oliver. I don’t know what was happening there but it did not sound right.”

Blogger for Barstool Sports, Jack McGuire, also noticed the speech and went to Twitter to see what was going on.

“Is Pam Oliver okay? Was slurring her words hard there.”

Other fans just said it was likely she was cold. The game was being played in Green Bay, Wisconsin, at the Lambeau Field. The weather was in the 30s the majority of the game. If exposed to this long enough, it is possible her speech was slurred.

Many fans brushed it off as this. Cold weather in Wisconsin is all too common this time of year.

While most fans were just trying to be kind and make sure everything was okay, others saw offense to creating drama in a situation they didn’t deem fit.

“Doesn’t sound like slurring to me sounds like she’s cold. If something was wrong I don’t thing she’d be able to do an interview. People need to lay off,” one user wrote.

Matt Soper from “The Soper & Brown Show” voiced his concerns by saying, “I legit think Pam Oliver is having a stroke? Somebody needs to check on her immediately, that sounded concerning.”

Slurred speech and difficulty speaking could be a sign of a stroke. This is why many fans voiced concern. Another commentator called Soper an “agitator.”

Previous Health Conditions

According to Sportscasting, Oliver has been a veteran NFL reporter at Fox Sports for 25 years. She is one of the most respected reporters in the business.

This is her 26th season covering the NFL. She works with the No. 2 team, Kevin Burkhardt and Daryl “Moose” Johnston. In the past, she has spoken out about her experience with chronic migraines that lead to intense pain.

Despite this condition, she has only missed four games during her career. She also had issues with her fibroids when she was in her 20s. Due to her conditions, it’s fair for fans to be concerned. In the past, she has said she self-administers medication twice a month for her migraines.

Today the Browns and the Chiefs will face-off. Then tonight the Buccaneers and the Saints will also go against each other as the playoffs are well underway.