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NFL Slaps Davante Adams With Big Fine for Abusive Language Toward Ref

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)

On Sunday, Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams was involved in a little on-field incident that led to a big fine. It was the third quarter and Adams took exception to the way that Denver Broncos safety Justin Simmons was playing him. The NFL didn’t appreciate what went down after the play.

It was the third quarter. Simmons made a play on Davante Adams which included contact with the head and neck area. Of course, Adams didn’t appreciate it, especially when there was no flag thrown on the play. The receiver is passionate and not afraid to let refs and other players hear a thing or two out on the field.

After the game, the play was reviewed by the league. The NFL basically agreed that officials missed the penalty. It was an illegal hit. In fact, the league fined Simmons for the hit. $15,914 is a pretty penny. However, it was actually Adams that was fined even more, according to Yahoo Sports!

For his words towards Dino Paganelli, the back judge during the game, Davante Adams is getting fined $29,785. He was cited for abusive language toward an official. That’s a big price tag for the violation, however, it is comparable to similar incidents this season.

This season has been up and down for Adams as the Raiders suffer week in and week out. It is not the year they thought they would have, that’s for sure.

Davante Adams Under Scrutiny This Season

To put it simply, Davante Adams has a magnifying glass on him this year. It all started when he was seen shoving a photographer on the sidelines after a game. It was as the player was heading for the tunnel and the photographer got in the way. To put it simply, not a good look.

The incident kinda followed Adams for a few weeks. A couple of weeks after the incident, the receiver was again filmed as he left the field. However, this time he was prepared. The talented wideout was careful as he left and made sure not to ruffle any feathers.

This fine is another blemish for Davante Adams. Still, it’s better than shoving photographers. Trouble just seems to find its way to the Raiders receiver.